astrology readings

with Michelle

Using your birth data Michelle can decipher your Astrological chart in terms of personality, life lessons, sacred contracts, soul purpose and past life mastery.  Astrology helps us to answer the questions of why we are the way we are and how best to use the potential we have to create our desires and Soul's journey.


Michelle can also interpret your chart using the Diamond Light System and enable you to expand your consciousness using the consciousness of the planets to give you clarity within your psyche and soul.


Michelle can give you guidance to the coming year's energies and events so that you can prepare, plan and organise your life in conjunction with your soul's mission and desire. 

Readings can be in person or via Zoom. Average time for a Healing Astrology reading is 1.5 - 2 hours.

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Healing Astrology Reading with Future Forecast


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Lilith, Chiron, Pluto and Eris Soul

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