diamond light temple healing system

with Michelle

The Diamond Light Temple Healing System awakens your own Inner Temples of Light, which comprise the Temple of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Stars with each internal temple corresponding to and in direct alignment with individual planets of the Solar System.


What is Diamond Light?

Within every human being is a spiritual map for enlightenment, which is called the Diamond Light System.  It is a highly effective and very nurturing modality, offering the recipient a powerful reconnection to their soul and their purpose.  This then allows, through acknowledgement and understanding, the conscious and natural release of energetic blocks within the mental, emotional and cellular bodies.


The Diamond Light System was first channelled and published by Jennifer Starlight in 2002 (the invisiblecollege.com.au) and Jennifer received Activation and Healing Techniques to initiate Practitioners in 2006.  The Diamond Light System continues to expand and unfold, lighting the way for those who see the Truth of Self Realisation.


As a Diamond Light Practitioner, Michelle has learnt powerful and ancient transformational healing techniques where she was required to journey through a series of powerful initiation processes, guiding her back to the enlightened world of self, allowing recognition and release of her own blocks and reconnection with the Higher Self, ensuring accuracy, integrity and empathy with her clients.


Using these healing techniques Michelle can facilitate the natural release of her client's energetic blocks of what is holding them back by accessing their present and past lives and reconnecting her clients with their higher self.  As a result, Michelle's clients feel lighter and brighter and have a clear direction.


The Diamond Light Temple Healing System has been approved as a registered modality with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT).

Diamond Light Healing with Chakra Clearing and Balancing


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