'Before the beginning of time as you know it, man has been looking into the skies, searching for something far greater than himself. It's time to lift the veils on the mystery, so you can each find the magic and the magnificence of the light within you. Everything has a place and a purpose and every star in the sky, every comet and every planet wishes to serve you. The stars and planets are a blueprint of yourselves and are the great sentinels for your Soul and this celestial science of Diamond Light Astrology is called this because each of you are diamonds and each of you are stars."

Received by Amun-Min


with Michelle

Diamond Light Healing Astrology gives you the tools to heal energetic patterns of emotions and wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes allowing you to live a more authentic life with your soul as your guide. When you heal your emotional wounds, you can heal your physical wounds too as they are your emotions that have manifested into your physical state.

This can include but not limited to:

  • Emotional blueprint of the Soul's creation

  • Original soul wound with the Mother of your creation

  • Original soul wound with the father of your creation

  • Star systems

Healing Astrology


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